Immediate Dentures

What Is The Immediate Denture Technique?

Zanon Dental uses Immediate Denture technique to completely erase the wait time in between teeth removal and denture insertion. By erasing several months of waiting, Zanon Dental’s Immediate Denture technique is often the best solution to your denture problems.

How Does It Work?

The Immediate Denture resolves problems the traditional denture process causes. For example, the traditional denture process makes it necessary to wait several months while your gums and bone heal from the tooth extraction process. Most uncomfortably, the traditional denture process forces clients to live without any teeth during this healing period. Immediate Denture resolves these problems by:

  • Taking an impression of our mouth with your natural teeth
  • Extracting your teeth and immediately inserting your new denture
  • Allowing you to walk out of the office with your new teeth on the same day

Why Do I Need To Know About Immediate Dentures?

Since Zanon Denture is unable to fit the denture prior to extracting your natural teeth, there are certain situations Immediate Denture clients face due to the nature of the denture process. Aspects of the Immediate Denture procedure include:

  • Minor aesthetic compromises prior to reline (3-6 months) Reduction of swelling due to teeth extraction (the snugness of the denture keeps swelling to a minimum)
  • Cleaning dentures only after 24 hours of continuous wear after surgery (use saltwater solution or Amonsan)
  • Permanent dentures reline or fabrication of an entirely new denture after a 3-6 month healing period

Are Immediate Dentures Comfortable?

Yes! Immediate Dentures feel just like any other dentures. While the surgical removal of non-functional teeth can be painful and swelling will occur, Immediate Dentures are designed with functionality and feel in mind.

While the fit of your Immediate Denture may feel sub-par at first, remember: your mouth is healing! Appointments to visit Zanon Denture are made for 30-90 days after the teeth extraction and Immediate Denture insertion. At this time, temporary soft liners are added to the denture in order to compensate for shrinkage and changes to your mouth’s bone structure. At no extra cost to you, these liners will adjust to your dentures to make them fit tighter and more comfortably.