Swiss Precision Dentures

Highest Quality Dentures

Premium Swiss Precision Dentures (PSPD®) are Zanon’s finest denture. Crafted to appear life-like, Swiss Precision dentures are completely custom made to meet your individual needs and your aesthetic expectations.

What Makes Swiss Precision Dentures So Special?

Premium Swiss Precision Dentures PSPD® teeth are selected from several European tooth manufacturers in order to meet your intraoral conditions. These manufactures include Ivoclar, Candulor, Gerber, and Swissdent Geneva 2000. Swiss Precision also utilizes several European and Swiss Denture techniques to craft premium personalized precision dentures.

Benefiting From Swiss Precision

Most importantly, Zanon Denture utilizes the Swiss Precision method because of its versatility. For example, if you prefer the look of Geneva 2000 anterior teeth yet your ridge height and shape require a Candulorform II posterior tooth mould, the Swiss Precision method can do it! With near complete customizability, Swiss Precision is an ideal denture solution.

Anterior teeth set up of our Premium Swiss Precision Dentures PSPD® is always done chair side and the denture bases are always custom stained.

Choosing Between BPS and PSPD®

Premium Swiss Precision Dentures PSPD® meet and exceed all the BPS® core component requirements and they are guaranteed for three years against breakage or tooth loss.

Occasionally, when all the teeth used in our PSPD® are Ivoclar made then the dentures are both PSPD® and BPS® dentures simultaneously.

What Is The Premium Swiss Precision Denture Process?

Due to the nature of Swiss Precision Dentures, 6 – 9 appointments are required to get the fit and look you desire. Zanon Denture Swiss Precision procedure includes:

  • Consultation
  • Preliminary Impressions utilizing the Accu-Dent System
  • Bite registrations using an intraoral tracing device
  • Chair-side individualized tooth selection and anterior tooth placement*
  • Teeth arrangement set up is done utilizing an Ivoclar Stratos 300 or 200 or a Candulor articulator
  • Waxed up trial dentures try in
  • Denture base staining to meet the patient’s tissue coloration*
  • Denture Insertion
  • Post insertion personalized occlusion equilibration
  • Patient education
  • Top of the line teeth are selected such as Ivoclar, Candulor, Geneva 2000 or a combination of the above to meet the patient’s aesthetic needs and intraoral conditions

Items marked with an asterisk * exceed the three BPS core components.

Please contact us today for your free consultation to see if Swiss Precision Dentures may be right for you!