Treatment For Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Is There A Cure For Snoring?

For problematic snorers, there is no drug or medical procedure that can guarantee the elimination of symptomatic tendencies of snoring. However, at Zanon Dental, patients suffering from various snoring caused sleep disorders, including insomnia and sleepwalking, find that psychiatric treatments are the solution to their nighttime ailments.

Additionally, some patients find the use of the dental Anti-Snoring Device designed for Sleep Apnea, see below, can be very helpful in curbing snoring.

Is There A Cure For Sleep Apnea?

Unlike conventional problematic snoring, there is a surgical cure for Sleep Apnea. By removing the uvula and redundant tissue in the pharynx, 50% of patients who undergo this type of Sleep Apnea surgery find relief.

A second surgical solution for Sleep Apnea is also available. Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure wherein a breathing tube is implanted below the pharynx. As both surgeries are quite painful and permanently disfigure the palatal throat area, many patients first consider non-invasive Sleep Apnea devices.

I’m Hesitant About Having A Surgical Procedure. What Sleep Apnea Devices Are Available?

There are many devices available on the market designed to stop snoring. The most popular device is a nasal air mask. Designed to force pressurised air down the wearer's throat, the nasal air mask is cumbersome, uncomfortable and requires an electrical outlet. Often considered embarrassing to use, the nasal air mask is not the only solution.

The Anti-Snoring Device (or ASD) is a simple dental appliance which is capable of significantly reducing snoring when worn in bed at night.

The Anti-Snoring Device Advantage

With its simple principle of keeping your airway open while you sleep, ASD is a no fuss solution for many Sleep Apnea suffers. Please note that, unlike a nasal air mask, the ASD:

  • Is a non-surgical procedure
  • Requires only a simple dental exam and teeth impression
  • Has a non-cumbersome design
  • Feels familiar in your mouth while you sleep
  • Requires no special equipment or electrical hook-up

Why Choose A Dental Anti-Snoring Device?

The dental Anti-Snoring Device is possibly the most effective clinical device for reducing snoring and the severe symptoms of Sleep Apnea. An ASD fits into the mouth much like an orthodontic retainer or sports mouth guard.

The ASD’s unobtrusive design makes it a natural competitor for the bulky nasal air mask. By fitting against the teeth of the upper jaw, the ASD forces the lower jaw slightly forward and keeps the mouth slightly open. This allows the loose or weak muscle tissue at the back of the mouth to stay clear of the pharyngeal airway. As a result, free air passage is promoted while the ASD is in place.

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