Stop Snoring

Is Snoring Normal?

Generally speaking, snoring is quite normal. While snoring is more prominent in men, women also snore. Snoring is caused by loose or weak muscle tissue at the back of the mouth that collapses into the pharyngeal (near the pharynx) airway during sleep.

Why Do Some People Snore More Loudly Than Others?

Difference in anatomy is the main reason for variances in snoring between individuals. Since snoring has a lot to do with jaw, mouth, and airway structure, some people are simply prone to loud snoring. However, in some circumstances, snoring can be induced by outside factors such as obesity and alcohol consumption before bed. 

Facts about snoring

  • Snoring is not abnormal
  • Snoring is common amongst men and women
  • Snoring is caused by both hereditary and outside factors
  • Obesity causes snoring by allowing excess and redundant tissue to block the airway
  • Body mass around the jaw and throat area adds extra weight, causing the tile collapse of the airway
  • Alcohol consumption before bed increases snoring loudness by relaxing the muscle tissue at the back of the tile mouth, causing it to collapse and vibrate more readily.
If you are concerned you or someone you live with suffers from abnormal snoring contact our office for a free, no obligation consultation. What do you have to lose?

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